Practical Insanity

A compilation of silly, nerdy stuff I’m memorializing. It’s basically my EntertainingSpace, but for geeks.

Pranks/Optics – Fake computer updating screens, great for pranks. and Hacker Typer – Hack the mainframe, compile sub-processor nodes, then do a fast tango cycle on the algorithmic dereliction platitudes.

Vintage UX

ASCII Art Archive – A 256-character paintbrush.

iPod.js – An online iPod.

The Hacker Classics – Hacker News, the old-timey version.

Winamp Skin Museum – For when everyone actually owned their music.

WINDOWS93 – Faithfully almost recreating a simpler, geekier time.

Windows 96 – Faithfully recreating a UX experience from a simpler time.

Infinite Mac – MacOS from a simpler time.

WinXP – Windows XP in JavaScript’s React platform.

TEXTFILES or UTZOO Groups – Bringing back the internet of 1988.

UX Crimes

ClickClickClick – Informing you about everything you’re doing.

Elevator.js – Return to the top, the old-fashioned way.

Fibery Anxiety – The way the dev team sees Fibery after the marketing team wanted a 3-pronged Build, Connect, and Freedom landing page.

fontBomb – Destroy the web, stylishly. – A website that exists to not be used.

Hex-Words and #HEXWORDS – Meta color codes that sound like actual words.

HTTP Cats – Like HTTP DOGS, but with Cats.

HTTP DOGS – Like HTTP Cats, but with DOGS.

HTTP Status Dogs – Like HTTP DOGS, but with Status Dogs.

Music using ONLY sounds from Windows XP and 98! – A song to dance to, secretly.

Ok Google Play Music – Someone made an album that got instant market exposure.

Placebo Button – Make anything you want feel more productive.

User Inyerface – Everything wrong about UX in one website.

Scunthorpe Sans – Making the internet cleaner.

Obsolete “see-through glass” – Because technology needs updating.

Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon – Post-modern coding art.

The UX on this Small Child Is Terrible – Going where UX hasn’t gone much.

Ideal monitor rotation for programmers – Trying to make the monitor show things it didn’t.

This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine. – Inverting the experience.

DON’T YOU LECTURE ME WITH YOUR THIRTY DOLLAR WEBSITE – a juvenile, inane, useless experience.

The Most Annoying Website Ever!! – An irritating website.

Wobbly clock! – A weird clock.

xroach – Roaches that hide. Under everything.

millennials to snake people – Calling Millennials for what they are. A fork of cloud-to-butt.

Data Management Crimes

stacksort – A horrifically inefficient and unreliable sorting algorithm.

Run “tracert” in a CLI (reference to Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog).

Programming Wrong

rockstar – Hair metal power ballad programming.

rouille – Rust programming, in French.

93% of Paint Splatters are Valid Perl Programs – Because Perl somehow makes everything valid.

Games Done Wrong

Bennett Foddy – a sadist who hates gamers.

Social Networks Done Wrong – to capture LinkedIn culture.

Hardware Made Wrong

Booting from a vinyl record – A victimless crime against removable media.

The Floppotron 3.0 – A victimless crime against music.

Protocols Set Wrong

April Fools’ Day Request for Comments – Engineers’ standards to serve less than one purpose.

The Be Book’s “on” status – Return whether the computer is on, or on fire, and both have many possible uses.

Brilliance with Constraints

Finding Mona Lisa in the Game of Life – using Conway’s Game of Life to (badly) recreate the Mona Lisa

Fontemon – A game in a font.

The Kilobyte’s Gambit – Win at chess against 1024 bytes of JavaScript

Segmented type appreciation corner – using the limitations of segmented type to create characters

Fishdraw – procedurally generated fish, also Nonflowers.

Emojia – A game made entirely of emoji.

The Commodordion – Literally breathing new life and music into the Commodore 64.

Games Done Right

Do Not Draw A Penis – Machine learning, applied very wrongly.

HATETRIS – Tetris that hates you.

Skynet Simulator – The real way The Terminator should have started.

Games + Legit Skillz

Can’t Unsee – Get nitpicky with UX.

The Bézier Game – Get good at that curvey tool in Photoshop and stuff.

Games with Science

Aaronson Oracle – Try to make completely random decisions.

Neurotic Neurons – How neurons form.

The Evolution of Trust – How trust forms.

Swing Paradox – The physics of swings.

The Fittest 2 – Natural selection with stick figures.


Do You Love Me? – Synchronizing motion capture to music, cooler than it sounds.

Almost Tools

Bullshit.js – Leverage your core actionables to actualize best practices.

ButtyStock – free sandwich images

Ever Given Ever Ywhere – Remember the Suez Canal’s blockage? Now you can block anywhere with that same ship!

Gen-a-city – procedurally generated cities.

WebGL Fluid Simulation – For all your browser-based fluid simulation needs.

Microsimulation of Traffic Flow – For all your browser-based traffic simulation needs.

Pointer Pointer – pointing.

RemoteOK’s VS Code – Finding a job while looking like you’re not.

Space Engine – For all your browser-based spacefaring needs.

This MP Does Not Exist – making a whole new UK parliamentary cabinet.

Brilliant Creators

aemkei – JavaScript-based visual design.

VOLEwtf – randomness.

Corporate Shenanigans

If You Want This Job, We Must Interview You Forever – How to not be corporate.

Is it Pokèmon or Big Data? – Know your implementations and actualize informal knowledge base understandables.

Microsoft Coffee – April Fools done powerfully.