Keyboard Shortcuts – Office Suites

By tapping ALT in any Office program, the screen shows letters to press for selecting anything on the ribbon.

  • You can select anything on the ribbon with up to four keystrokes.

You can click and drag any selected text or images to anywhere in Microsoft Office

Universal Microsoft Shortcuts

Close an open document: CTRL+W

Specify what you’ll name your file: F12

Switch between multiple open documents: CTRL+F6

Go to a page, bookmark, table or other location: CTRL+G or F5

Close the Find or Replace window and most other popup windows: ESC

Open Replace Dialog: CTRL+H or SHIFT+F5

Perform Spell Check: F7

Activate the Thesaurus: SHIFT+F7

List all open documents: ALT+W,W

Insert a hyperlink: CTRL+K

Open Font settings: CTRL+SHIFT+F or CTRL+SHIFT+P

Insert or change paragraph to a list: CTRL+SHIFT+L

Align Left/Center/Right/Justify: CTRL+L/E/R/J

Increase/decrease indent: CTRL+T and CTRL+SHIFT+T

Show Paste Special dialog while pasting something you cut or copied: CTRL+ALT+V

Microsoft Word

Save a file as .dot instead of .doc to make a template

Open a recent file: ALT,F,R

Switch to Print Layout/Outline/Draft View: CTRL+ALT+P/O/N

Split the document window: CTRL+ALT+S

Set the line spacing to single/double/1.5: CTRL+1/2/5

Add or remove a line space before a paragraph: CTRL+0

Apply the Normal style: CTRL+SHIFT+N

Go back to a previously edited location in a document: SHIFT+F5

Go to, edit and set bookmarks: CTRL+SHIFT+F5

Open up the latest search in the Find window: SHIFT+F4

Insert current date/page number/time: ALT+SHIFT+D/P/T

Show or hide formatting marks: CTRL+SHIFT+8

Show the Word Count box: CTRL+SHIFT+G

Turn Track Changes on and off: CTRL+SHIFT+E

Turn paragraph symbols on and off: CTRL+SHIFT+*

Microsoft Excel

Save a file with .xlsm instead of .xlsx to use macros

Create a chart: F11

Select multiple cells with the CTRL key

When entering a formula, you will see a ScreenTip.

  • You can click and drag the ScreenTip out of your way.
  • Click on a formula’s cell reference on the ScreenTip to go to its reference

Useful Excel Formulas

Add any numbers together (text counts as zero): =SUM([other cells or absolute numbers])

Average of selected numbers: =AVERAGE([other cells or absolute numbers])

If-then statements (can be nested inside each other): =IF([logical argument to make],[value if true],[value if false])

Count the number of cells with numbers/anything in them: =COUNT([other cells]) / =COUNTA([other cells])

Combine two text strings together: =CONCATENATE([text or a cell reference],[text or a cell reference]) or =[text or a cell reference]&[text or a cell reference]

You’ll find many, many formulas for dates, statistics, financial analysis and any other numeric analysis, and Microsoft is always adding new ones

Excel shortcuts

Collapse/expand the ribbon to see more/less of the worksheet: CTRL+F1

Select an entire column/row: CTRL+SPACE / SHIFT+SPACE

Move to the top left or bottom right of the entire worksheet: CTRL+HOME/END

Modify a cell: F2

Cycle a cell reference through A. fully relative, B. fully absolute, C. absolute rows with relative columns, and D. absolute columns with relative rows: F4

Cancel the changes while you’re editing a cell: ESC

Fill a selection vertically/horizontally using Excel’s logic: CTRL+D/R

Create a table from the selected data: CTRL+T

Create a simple bar chart with any set of data: F11

Open Cell Format menu: CTRL+1

Switch Formula View on and off: CTRL+[~]

Create a new worksheet to the right of the current worksheet: SHIFT+F11

Show/hide outline levels from Subtotal mode: CTRL+8

Find all the comments: CTRL+SHIFT+O

Microsoft PowerPoint

Save finished presentations as .pps instead of .ppt to for them to open in presentation mode and close when the slideshow ends.

Cycle through overlapping objects on a slide: TAB / SHIFT+TAB

Turn the pointer on and off: A

Advance to a hidden slide if it’s next in the deck: H

Erase screen annotations: E

Microsoft Outlook

Check for new messages: F9 or CTRL+M

Mark a message as read or unread: CTRL+Q / CTRL+U

Open Advanced Find menu: CTRL+SHIFT+F

Flag or unflag an email: Insert

Mark for follow-up: CTRL+SHIFT+G

Create a new message/meeting/task: CTRL+SHIFT+M/Q/K

Create a new appointment: CTRL+N

Reply/Reply All to a message: CTRL+R/L

Open up the Address Book to add a recipient to your email: CTRL+SHIFT+B

Open Go To Folder window: CTRL+Y

Go to Search Box: F3 or CTRL+E

Move an email to a specified folder: CTRL+SHIFT+V

Scroll a page or move to the next or previous message: SPACE / SHIFT+SPACE

Scroll through emails without the Reading Pane: CTRL+[.]/[,]


If you copy the web address for an image, you can edit that image by pressing CTRL+V in Microsoft Paint.