Tech Esoterica – Markdown

The simplest way to depict rich text is via markdown format.

Any further reductionism from markdown text creates plaintext files.

Most markdown files are saved as “.md” extension, but the syntax is often enabled by default within many web-based text editors.

Heading 1: #

Heading 2: ##

Heading 3: ###




  • block quote

[hyperlink]( -> an HTML hyperlink

![alt text]( “title”) -> an HTML img with title and alt text

* list item A * list item B * list item C becomes:

  • list item A
  • list item B
  • list item C

(lists can also be numbered with 1. list item A 2. list item B etc.)

‘code block’ becomes:

code block

NOTE: code blocks are only useful for writing if you’re tech-savvy or when you want someone to copy-paste the content.

If you ever want to have the software ignore markdown on a given line, use the \ character.