Keyboard Shortcuts

NOTE: Most of these work on non-Windows computers with the Function key.


Open Start/Applications menu: [Win] or CTRL+ESC

Lock the computer for security: [Win]+L

Open the Task Manager: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC

Open the security screen: CTRL+ALT+DEL

Open System Properties: [Win]+Pause/Break

Open File Explorer: [Win]+E

Open Windows Search: [Win]+Q

Open Run: [Win]+R

Open a hidden power-user menu: [Win]+X

Open Task View: [Win]+TAB


Zoom the entire screen: [Win]+[+] or [Windows]+[-]

Minimize all windows and show the desktop: [Windows]+D or [Windows]+M

Restore all the windows you just minimized: [Windows]+SHIFT+M

Make a new virtual desktop: [Win]+CTRL+D

Cycle between virtual desktops: [Win]+CTRL+Left/Right

Close your current desktop: [Win]+CTRL+F4

Switch windows: ALT+TAB or ALT+SHIFT+TAB

  • Cycle through them by holding ALT and tapping TAB

Switch windows without a dialog: ALT+ESC or ALT+SHIFT+ESC

See all open programs: CTRL+ALT+TAB

Capture a screen for pasting into a document: Print Screen

Capture a screenshot: ALT+Print Screen

Run a program corresponding to the taskbar location: [Windows]+[#]

Enter a special character: ALT+[# on the number pad]

General Universals

Print: CTRL+P

Toggle the menu bar at the top of the screen: F10

Toggle full-screen: F11

Show the help file: F1

New window/document: CTRL+N or F2

Open a file inside the program: CTRL+O

Save the currently active file: CTRL+S

Specify where and how you want to save your file: CTRL+ALT+S or CTRL+SHIFT+S or F12

Close the program: ALT+F4 or CTRL+W

Find text in the active window: CTRL+F

Advance to the next text result: F3

Find and replace text: CTRL+H

Navigate to the address bar/search: CTRL+L

Zoom the view: CTRL+[+]/[-] or CTRL+[Mouse Wheel]

Restore the zoom to normal: CTRL+0

Refresh/reload the view: CTRL+R or F5

Maximize window or restore it to its original size: [Windows]+Up/Down

Move the window to the left/right of the screen: [Windows]+Left/Right

  • Keep tapping to move across multiple screens

Move the window to the left or right screen: [Windows]+Shift+Left/Right

Move to the next or previous text box: TAB and SHIFT+TAB

Working With Text & Files

Undo what you just did: CTRL+Z

Redo something you just undid: CTRL+Y

Rename the selected file: F2

Select all text or files: CTRL+A

Cut selected text or file: CTRL+X

Copy selected text or file: CTRL+C

Paste what you cut or copied: CTRL+V

Insert a hyperlink: CTRL+K

Select multiple files or text without a mouse: SHIFT+[Arrow Keys]

Select entire words at a time instead of characters: CTRL+SHIFT+[Arrow Keys]

Select all text or items from the cursor to the beginning or end of the row: SHIFT+HOME/END

Select all text or items from the cursor to the beginning or end of the document/page: CTRL+SHIFT+HOME/END

Select an entire page above or below the cursor: SHIFT+PAGE UP/DOWN

Delete an entire word behind or in front of the cursor: CTRL+BACKSPACE/DELETE

Open the selected file or program: ENTER

Search for something: CTRL+F

Shortcut UX

Many keyboards come with special shortcut buttons, which can often be remapped with downloaded drivers.

An underlined letter in a menu selection is usually connected to a keyboard shortcut.